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Course Instructor
Dragan Stojkovski

Dragan Stojkovski is a musician/ songwriter/ producer from Macedonia. He was born in Skopje in 1978. His career spans more than two decades, and he has been a part of numerous bands, projects, and recording sessions, including the Macedonian cult band “Kleržo,” his current group “La Colonie Volvox,” and the jazz combo “Next to Silence”.

Dragan works primarily as a bass player, but he also plays several other string instruments, including the tamburoud (an instrument of his invention and design, based on the Macedonian tambura with elements from the oud), keyboards for studio purposes, drums, and other percussion instruments. He has been involved in diverse styles ranging from experimental music, free jazz...

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What Will I Learn?

Step-by-Step Guide to:

  • Improving productivity by engaging in advanced brain entertainment
  • Deepen your experience of relaxation and meditation
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Learn the subtle powers of Binaural Beats and sound healing
  • Engage in deep, restful sleep
  • Utilise peaceful soundscapes to soundtrack your study or work


This bundle, made specifically for the Blisspot, is a collection of Healing Music’s finest work, where carefully selected nature sounds combined with original relaxing music, or in the case of White Noise Sessions, with a balanced amount of white noise. The idea is to combine several ways of using music as a relaxant.

The collection is divided into three albums — Binaural Healing Music, Relaxing Nature, and The Power of OM — each of them with a specific sound design. Although different, all of the albums in the package can be used for multiple settings and purposes: meditation, sleeping, yoga practice, work, everyday relaxation, etc. It’s up to the listener to decide what will accompany him or her through the day - the gentle piano and the river, the water lullabies with their soothing music or just the pure nature sounds with white noise in the background.

Healing Music Productions is a label dedicated to creating relaxing music and soundscapes for your spiritual growth and health enhancement or simply for everyday relaxation and stress relief. We offer original compositions, including piano music, binaural beats, sacred chanting, meditation music, white noise soundscapes, relaxing modern music, and other music therapy products, as well as nature sounds, atmospheres, classical compilations, etc.

Signs this course may help you:

• Struggle to relax
• Find it difficult to engage in deep, restful sleep, or wake up feeling tired
• Can't gain mental clarity and find yourself often loosing focus
• Feeling uneasy or pressured
• Want to understand the world of healing through music, specifically binaural beats

Who is Healing Music for?

Healing music is perfect for those who live busy lives. Listen to the relaxing ambience of 'Healing River' as you study, drift into a peaceful, deep sleep with the 'White Noise Sessions', or perhaps engage in a mental decluttering and self-realisation through fostering creativity with the 'Binaural Healing Music.'

Relaxing Nature

Relaxing Nature is perfect for everyday relaxation, as background music while you work or study, and as a sleeping stimulant for deep sleep, lucid dreams and prolonged rest.

Volume 1 - Healing River

48 minutes of relaxing, ambient piano music with a running mountain spring and birds in the background - a perfect way to calm your mind and release the accumulated everyday stress. It's also suitable for sleeping, meditation, studying, and concentration boosting. The beautiful, peaceful nature sounds in the background enhance the feelings of comfort and lightness. Listen to this music for introspective revitalising, aura cleaning, mood uplifting, and everyday relaxation and stress relief.

Volume 2 - Water Lullabies

Water and music have a much closer bond than commonly thought. Humans are musical creatures made of water, and that’s why the combination of the two feels comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful. We’ve carefully crafted these five beautiful compositions and mixed them with different nature soundscapes, all including water. You can enjoy the ocean, relax by a river, sleep by the lake or at home while the raindrops soothe your soul.

Volume 3 - White Noise Sessions

Listening to white noise is one of the best ways to relax, calm down, fall asleep and stay asleep. It masks other sounds and tunes the brain to a relaxing state. Some say that listening to nature sounds is even stronger in achieving these goals, so that's why we combined the two and made this calming, 8-hour audio treat.

With daily distractions and technological overstimulation, our need for sleep and personal well-being is more necessary than ever. White noise is rapidly becoming a popular way to help the body and brain relax for a good night's sleep. White Noise Sessions will help you: build a bedtime ritual, keep your bedroom quiet, shut down your busy brain, sleep more soundly, and more!

Binaural Healing Music

Healing with binaural beats involves introducing different frequencies through the ears to change a person’s brainwaves, and therefore, their mental state. The results of this process are increased intelligence, reduced stress and increased creativity.

Binaural beats and music therapy in general are great for: deep relaxation, stress relief, curing insomnia, deep meditation, sleep, inner peace, self-improvement, self-realisation, concentration and focus boosting, mental and physical health, cell regeneration, etc.

Volume 1 - Theta Waves

Theta (4 – 8 Hz) This state is associated with imagining and dreaming during sleep as well as imagining and daydreaming during the day. Our memories and things we learn are stored and retrieved from our subconscious mind in this state. This particular binaural beat is made with a frequency difference of 7.0Hz, which is associated with mental and astral projection, used for treatment of sleep disturbances. Original music is added for increased pleasure.

Volume 2 - Alpha Waves

In an Alpha state, your brain waves move at a frequency between 7-14 cycles per second. The frequency of Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation and meditation. Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. Alpha waves govern daydreams, fantasy, and denote a state of consciousness, detachment, and deep relaxation.

Volume 3 - 10Hz Bliss

Alpha 10Hz frequency stimulates enhanced releases of serotonin, which makes it an amazing mood elevator, universally beneficial. It’s the safest frequency, especially good for hangover and jet lag. 10 Hz is the dominant alpha frequency. It’s very helpful when trying to correlate information by the subconscious. This is practically a waiting frequency while the subconscious does the work at lower frequency levels. It stimulates the motor impulse coordination (Motor Control cortex,) becoming very helpful in learning a foreign language, centering, sleep spindles, arousal, etc. Alpha waves at 10 Hz are associated with Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra (Color=Yellow.)

In an Alpha state, your brain waves move at a frequency between 7-14 cycles per second. The frequency of Alpha is a mental state of deep relaxation and meditation. Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. Alpha waves govern daydreams, fantasy, and denote a state of consciousness, detachment, and deep relaxation.

The Power of Om

Om (AUM ॐ) is considered to be one of the most important sounds in all the universe and has been chanted for thousands of years. It’s believed that continuous practice leads to profound enlightenment.

The healing power of OM (AUM ॐ) chanting and music therapy leans towards the more spiritual aspects of meditation and are great for: yoga practice, deep introspective meditation, deep relaxation, stress relief, curing insomnia, sleep, inner peace, self-improvement, self-realisation, concentration, mental and physical health, cell regeneration, etc.

Volume 1 - Calm Mind

SOUND DESIGN: Male Voice, Tampura, Soothing Pads

The tanpura (tambura, tanpuri) is a long-necked plucked string instrument found in various forms in Indian music. It does not play melody but rather supports and sustains the melody of another instrument or singer by providing a continuous harmonic bourdon or drone.

Volume 2 - Pure Heart

SOUND DESIGN: Male Voice, Bamboo Flute, Sitar, Soothing Pads

The shakuhachi is a Japanese end-blown flute. It is traditionally made of bamboo and was used by the monks of the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen (blowing meditation). The sitar is a plucked stringed instrument used in Hindustani classical music. Used widely throughout the Indian subcontinent, the sitar became popularly known in the wider world through the works of Ravi Shankar, beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Volume 3 - Endless View

SOUND DESIGN: Male Voice, Shakuhachi, Sitar, Soothing Pads

Pads or synth pads are sustained chords or tones generated by a synthesizer, often employed for background harmony and atmosphere in much the same fashion that a string section is often used in orchestral music and film scores.

Course Curriculum

3 lectures
3 lectures
3 lectures

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What Others Have to Say

Creates a Calming Atmosphere

Thank you so much for this beautiful music! I find it very helpful during the day. I work as a newborn photographer and I always play your music in my studio, especially the Water Lullabies album. It creates such a calming atmosphere - parents are relaxed and babies fall asleep easily, which helps me take perfect photos of them. After the sessions, I get to spend A LOT of time in front of the computer, editing the photos. I like to have relaxing music in the background while I edit. Ever since I discovered your music, it’s always in my playlist. Being a yoga practitioner for many years now, I especially appreciate The Power of OM 1, 2 & 3. This music makes me meditate while I do my work. Thank you! ~ Maja Argakijeva, Professional Photographer and long-time Yoga practitioner, Macedonia

A Wide Variety to Suit Different Vibes

Working as a psychiatrist, I’m always in need of calming and peaceful surroundings for my sessions. When I discovered Healing Music several months ago, I was delighted to find such a diverse choice of music, soundscapes, and nature sounds, which I now use every working day. Perfect for the soothing atmosphere I need for the office. The positive vibes and the variety of sound designs in Healing Music’s discography allow me to customize the sessions in order to meet the specific needs of each client. Strongly recommended! ~ Dragan Aleksov, PDDC, UK

Amazing Talent!

Please commit the name Dragan Stojkovski to memory. When someone can make a film score that you want to listen to in your car on repeat, that's an amazing talent." ~ Liz Daggett Matar, film producer, USA

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