3 Meditations (1 Hour)

Michèle Duquet

Spiritual and Meditation Teacher

Through a series of extraordinary metaphysical experiences between the ages of 8 and 10, Michèle was gifted a connection with the energetic realms that she has been sharing ever since.

Michèle assists people in their spiritual journey through one-on-one soul guidance sessions, energy healing therapy session and guided meditations.

She is a loving witness to the many ups and downs that we all go through in life. Her specialty is h...

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Inner Contentment meditations are designed to transport you to a new perspective and state of being, as Michèle guides you lovingly towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Whether you are working towards becoming calmer or expanding your consciousness, Michèle’s gentle voice will help you get there, while feeling loved and safe in the following meditations:

Inner joy 

Inner Joy meditation is specially designed for you to experience pure moments of joy, for your heart to imprint these joyful moments, and to remember the beautiful simplicity of joy.

In this meditation, you will be shown how to shift your perspective in your life, every day. In every moment, no matter how challenging, no matter the difficulty or the burden, the presence of joy is always in the now.

Through realizing how to access and be delighted by these present moments of joy, you can find yourself living a more joyful life.

Inner peace

Inner Peace meditation is specially designed to assist you in experiencing and maintaining a calm & relaxed state of being. Through this meditation, you will gently enter into a slower brainwave activity, and learn how to tap into this calm way of being at any time during the day, where you might feel the need to reduce your stress.

Inner light:

Within you, within every atom, vibrates a magnificent light. Every soul is a light that shines bright and is never extinguished. Through an experience of this light, your light, you can become conscious of it.

This experience, this new consciousness, is beyond thought. Beyond the mind. It is experienced through a vibratory state of being. Through pure consciousness.

By experiencing this light in a state of ever-present consciousness, you can begin to experience a new state of creativity and clarity that is beyond what you’ve been able to access before.

Inner Light meditation, will take you into a deep theta brainwave state, where you have the ability to simply be the light that you are. Through theta brainwaves, you can experience a state of non-thought.

This is where your light-consciousness awakens.

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What Will I Learn?

A Step-by-step Guide on how to:

  • Expand your self-awareness to feel more joyful and present

  • Feel more calm and relaxed on a daily basis

  • Achieve a state of clarity on what's important

  • Respond rather than react in volatile situations

  • Understand your Brainwaves to reduce stress

  • Shine brightly as the beautiful light filled being that you are

Who is This Meditation for?

Inner Contentment meditations are for anyone trying to overcome inner conflict or turmoil and respond to unexpected situations calmly and in an empowered way. 

If you would like to go beyond the stress and chaos that your thoughts and emotions can create, then these meditations are for you.

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