• Beatrix Schmidt

    Sleep Coach

    Beatrix is the founder of The Sleep Deep Method®. She struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid twenties. As a result she has spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learnt the keys to sleeping well. Beatrix believes that sleeping well at night is a skill that everyone can develop and shares her knowledge in online course The 10 day Sleep Challenge.

  • Dr. Margaret Paul Psy.D.

    Bestselling author and co-creator of Inner Bonding®

    Dr. Margaret Paul is passionate about helping people rapidly heal the root cause of their pain and learn the path to joy and loving relationships. Her course Love Yourself helps you to heal depression, guilt, shame, addictions and relationship problems.

  • Deborah Fairfull Dip.HK

    Emotional Mastery

    As the founder of Blisspot, Deborah has brought together a community of well-being experts to share ideas help others thrive in their everyday life. She is the author of the online courses Bliss Every Day, Love Now, and Glow While You Grow.

  • Dawn Lorentz

    Yoga instructor and Group Fitness Instructor

    Dawn has over 11 years teaching experience in sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation and how to manage stress and avoid stress-related illness. Dawn in conjunction with Diane Lang in the author of the online course Stress Management.

  • Tony Fahkry

    Self-Empowerment Coach

    Tony assists you in tapping into your greatest potential and supports you to reach your most efficient level. By focusing on what is meaningful to you, Tony brings value to your life by helping you think clearly and make decisions in alignment with who you are. He has developed 9 online courses to support you be the best you can be, from Mind Power, to Emotional Mastery through to Overcoming Your Challenges.

  • Simone Kopkas

    Holistic Chef and Nutritional Counsellor

    Simone is a great advocate and living example of living life with energy and passion. She helps you to create a health and happiness in a flexible, fun way that is free of denial and discipline. In her online course: Eating for Health and Vitality she teaches you what food helps you to think clearly, feel energetic, and feel excited about your life, every day!