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Deborah Tyson

Podcast Host

Deborah Tyson, is BlissTalk’s podcast host. Deborah has a passion for sitting with the incredible people that have devoted their lives to discovering ways to better themselves and they now share those ideas to help and support others. Deborah knows first hand how a simple tip, technique or strategy can have a big impact in changing life for the better. The key to positive change is often in our perspective and our life can flow again when we have the...
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Hello, and welcome to the Blisspot podcast series!

Hello, and welcome to the Blisspot podcast series, BlissTalk!

Whether you're looking for ways to boost your mood, reduce stress, improve your work performance or live a more joyful life, this series is for you. 

Your host, Deborah Tyson brings to you to Wellbeing leaders from all over the world that have a proven track record in sharing ideas that make life easier. Topics vary from men’s health to boosting your joy levels through dance, to overcoming burnout and being more resilient during challenging times… 

Health and happiness underpin our success and are something that we all want and are entitled to. The only problem is that often despite our best efforts, consistent health and happiness can remain elusive. Everything is much easier “when we know how”. 

For this reason, Blisspot is passionate supporting you in the areas of your life that you may be struggling with. Blisppot wellbeing leaders in many cases have faced the same struggles that you are dealing with right now. Through education and practical experience our experts have discovered ways to overcome and move through their challenges and live in new and better ways—with more flow and peace. The exciting news that you know have the opportunity to benefit from their experience first hand. 

BlissTalk shares how to: sleep better, engage with others, improve mens and womens health and feel good within yourself no matter what challenges you may be facing… 

Through interviews and storytelling, you will learn practical, actionable tips and strategies that you can implement into your daily life, straight away and feel a positive difference. 

Our incredible Blisspot experts have devoted a large proportion of their life to overcome a particular challenge and now help thousands of others to live a better life. Blisspot makes their content affordable and widely available to help you to fast-track your well-being journey and do the same.

Blisspot’s mission is to share ideas to help as many people live a life that is easier—with more peace and joy—regardless of how challenging life can be.

We hope you enjoy our current offering and stay tuned for the latest BlissTalk episodes.

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What Will I Learn?

A step-by-step guide on how to:

  • Feel Peaceful and Calm even during Challenging Times

  • Use Challenges and Obstacles to Create an even Better Life

  • Experience greater Success in all areas of Life—your Health, Relationships, and Career

  • Evolve and Grow in Life Enhancing ways

  • Understand Yourself and others at a Deeper Level

  • Relate to Yourself and others in Life-Enhancing Ways

  • Be more Authentic and Live your Life as your “True Self”

  • Connect to your Inner Peace and Calm Within

Podcast Episodes

  • 1

    Join burnout expert, Sally McGrath to hear she overcame her own struggles with burnout and went on to live a life that was happier and more productive. Sally will share with you successful strategies to restore and nurture your health and happiness.

    • How to overcome burnout and be even more successful by Sally McGrath (45:11)

  • 2

    Learn how to “grow good” with Tim Jones. Tim shares his knowledge and life experiences about Men’s Mental health and how to live a fulfilling life as a man. Learn how Tim built up a successful global business that now has a positive impact on many.

    • Discover how to live the purpose-fueled, contented life that you deserve by Tim Jones (1:05:23)

  • 3

    Join Selen Yilmaz, the founder of world renowned dance moverment: “Joimove.” Selen shares with us how to use dance to invite more joy into your life on a daily basis. Learn to grow your self potential in positive ways, and feel joyous from the inside out.

    • Life better through dance to invite more joy, happiness and health into all that you do, with Selen Yilmaz (55:26)

  • 4

    Patricia Kaziro, impact business coach shares best practices to find joy purpose and passion in the workplace. You’ll discover how to build strength, resilience and passion in yourself and your team to adapt to the ever-changing work landscape.

    • Unlock your purpose, passion and potential at work and learn how to develop high performance teams, with Patricia Kaziro (24:30)

  • 5

    Georgian Benta, gratitude expert, shares life lessons to overcome adversity through appreciating life as it is. Georgian teaches practical strategies to invite positivity into your life, no matter what the challenges. Try it to feel the difference.

    • Tap into awe, wonder and good vibes by knowing advance gratitude techniques shared by gratitude master, Georgian Benta (54:22)

  • 6

    Barry Winbolt, psychologist and author, teaches life balance through stress management based on 30 years of experience. Learn to manage daily pressures and improve coping skills.

    • Learn how practical steps for managing stress in your daily life, and how a small shift in thinking and daily routines can quickly begin to build greater personal resilience. (52:54)

  • 7

    Lissa uses mindful writing & practices like CST, yoga, & Jungian dreamwork to overcome chronic pain & find peace. She shares her journey of tapping into intuition & embodying radical wholeness.

    • Lissa shares how writing is much more than a simple art. Writing has the power to heal, reveal, and help you to find your centre—your true, authentic self (29.36)

What Others Have to Say

  • Chreshall Nikhil

    I love this podcast series! The host’s voice is so calming; her desire to spread knowledge is so inspiring. I’m grateful she has taken the leap of faith to do this podcast- I feel so much more led to work on my own gratitude practice.

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