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Jodie Bruce-Clarke and Anastasia Adams

Authors, Coaches and Confidence Experts

Jodie and Anastasia believe that confidence is the world’s most sought after personality trait, and through their business—RiSe Women—they help women learn practical confidence building techniques so they can increase their confidence and do ALL the amazing things they’ve always wanted to do.

Jodie Bruce-Clarke is a successful confidence coach, author and speaker, whose passion is to help ALL women make confidence their new normal. Over th...

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Welcome to the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, for all women who want more out of life but know that their lack of confidence is getting in the way. Whether you’re a career woman, a small business owner, a mum heading back into the workforce after having kids, navigating a divorce or relationship breakdown, or just a woman going through a major transition in life—this podcast will bring you game-changing insights, practical techniques, and inspiring interviews, to help you boost your confidence, get your head back in the game, and get your life back on track fast.

Join Jodie and Anastasia from RiSe Women who will help you create, maintain, and master the confidence levels you’ve always wanted, to live your best life possible.

Jodie and Anastasia will teach you the best practical techniques to increase your confidence, through inspiring stories, game-changing insights and amazing interviews with a diverse range of confident women, from many industries and all walks of life.

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Secrets of Confident Women Podcast

What Others Have To Say

  • Such an inspiring new listen

    This is great listening, RiSe women is refreshing, inspiring, relatable, and so easy to listen to. Jodie and Anastasia bounce so well off each other that I can’t wait for more episodes of the confidence chat. ~ Annalee

  • Fantastic podcast

    This podcast is full of awesome tips and reminders on how to boost and maintain confidence levels. I can’t wait for the next one as I always feel so motivated and energized after listening. ~ Kylricho

  • Great tips and ideas

    Wow what a great podcast. Some great tips and ideas that I’ll be using going forward. Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else to guide you. Thanks Jodie and Anastasia for your insights I feel more confident already! ~ Keibo

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