1 Meditation (13 minutes)

Olivia Kissper MSc.

Transpersonal Psychologist, Sound Artist, and Guide for Leaders and Misfits

Olivia Kissper supports men and women in creating both relationship and online business success by focusing on what is true, real, and deeply fulfilling, while clearing their past blockages and trauma. Olivia is obsessed by self-inquiry and makes the invisible visible, clears insecurities and doubt beyond any limiting stories. With clients, she focuses on creating systems rather than reaching goals.

Olivia is also a certified mindfulness & ...

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The Freedom from Overwhelm meditations help relieve your stress and anxiety.

What is an Inquiry Meditation?

It is an introspective meditation guiding you to a space of openness and discovering the true root of your stressful thinking. Stress, anxiety or overthinking stops you from feeling relaxed, resourceful, open and engaged with what truly matters.

Benefits of Negative Emotions

Often, we hold onto painful emotions because we receive unseen benefits from holding on to them. From avoiding responsibility or fear of rejection to being right about the role our false identities play, unconsciously we close ourselves up for receiving deeper wisdom that will take us beyond. Keeping this in mind can help you open up wider and listen from the space of open curiosity.

How to Listen to an Inquiry Meditation

Listen from a relaxed place of curiosity and openness. This meditation is designed to guide you to build insights that can instantly change your emotion and open new perspectives. The more open you are, the deeper you will go to seeing the invisible and connecting to the underlying currents of truth running beyond every negative emotion.

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What Will I Learn?

A Step-by-step Guide to:

  • Guide you to a relaxed state of receptivity and openness to new insights

  • Ask deep questions that penetrate to the root of your stressful thinking

  • Discover deep buried truths, new perspectives or possibilities

  • Experience instant relief from the stress around your situation through your own insight and deep wisdom

Who Is This Meditation For?

Freedom from Overwhelm meditations are designed for people who want to find the root cause of their overwhelm or stress. Designed to take you deep into your unconscious to give you the awareness to let go and heal any blockages from the past that have been holding you back. Relieve stress, anxiety, and painful emotions to feel lighter and freer. 

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